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>> chris: since he died i have heard so many from you who have loved and lost pets. thank you for your kind messages. we like to think we take care of these wonderful little guys but once they are gone you realize it's the other way around. that is it for today. have a greater week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> a fox urgent, breaking news on a one-on-one meeting held between president obama and house speaker boehner on the so-called fiscal cliff. and the two most important players involving the financial future of our nation. i'm harris falkner, we're told a meeting was held behind closed door and without the
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media's knowledge and both men tight-lipped about what was said and when we asked for comments, both giving us the same statement, quote, this afternoon the president and speaker boehner met at the white house to discuss efforts to resolve the fiscal cliff, we're not reading out details of the communication, but the lines of communication remain open, end quote. this meeting comes as the white house and congress appear to be at at impasse, you know by now is crippling spending and tax hikes and could cost us jobs and send us back into recession and to solve the problem, republicans say we must prevent our ballooning national debt from crushing generations. and chief white house correspondent now ed henry joins us by phone with the latest on this breaking story, ed, they kept this under wraps. how big after deal is this?
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>> good evening, harris, there's not a deal yesterdt. but it's significant it's almost a month since speaker boehner and the president sat down at the white house. that's ever significance, there's been scattered phone calls and one plan the president put on the table, quickly rejected by the republicans and speaker boehner put a counter offer on the table and the white house dismissed that one so much so it's not really a real plan and that they would not offer a second counter. so the bottom line, this thing is stalled for weeks now. the fact that these two men got together quietly at the white house and sat down ph face-to-face, they're trying to break this impasse. the last thyme they were not alone in the room and we have video since november 16th and this is what you're talking about, ed. they met last month and other
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congressional leaders in the room. we did know some of what came out of this meeting. this is different though, the development as we are aapproaching what i understand is definitely a hard deadline. >> and people have been talking a lot about the housing deadline, the end of the year and probably about a week or so from now, what i mean by that, if the speaker and the president come up with some sort of quote, unquote deal at least a frame work for a deal, that obviously is something that speaker boehner has to go to sell to republicans, pardon me, a lot of republicans, as you know are not happy about the tax part this have equation and that would be a tough sales job for speaker boehner and the president has to bring along the democrats and might be medicare cuts in a deal and that's becoming, so, the bottom line is that, to get in done by the end of the year, you've got to get something for lawmakers to work on otherwise we fall off that cliff and a lot of economists
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are saying we could slip into another recession, if they don't figure it out. if the americans have btuning o and knowing they have met face-to-face today and we don't know the content of their conversation, it might be time to tune back in as we are crushing now toward that deadline. ed henry at the white house and we'll come back to you, ed, if the news warrants. >> we will continue to follow this developing story and bring you any updates from washington as they come into our news room and check back with ed. if there's breaking news there. but the headlines right now. president obama ab house speaker boehner behind closed doors meeting on the fiscal cliff earlier and also tonight on the fox report. >> a dramatic hostage situation, a botched robbery at a fast food restaurant, escalating into a standoff. >> and we tried for several hours for this to end. >> and it didn't. the race against time, to save lives. and london calling, police there contacting their
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australia counterparts into a possible investigation into the royal pregnancy hoax, a prank call from two dj's now apparently tied to the death of a nurse who fell victim to their tricks. >> and indicated, they may wish to speak to the people involved in the matter. >> is it trouble for their radio station, just reach a whole new level? let's begin again. new details about just how intricate and dangerous the operation was to rescue an american doctor. snatched by the taliban, it was breaking news last night on fox report. we're learning much more, the white house saying a short time ago, a u.s. service member, a navy seal was killed in that mission. president obama issuing this statement, tragically we lost one of our special operators in this effort. our thoughts and prayers go to 0 to his family and that
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mission to rescue dr. dylan joseph from colorado on a humanitarian mission in afghanistan. the doctor was abducted on wednesday in the eastern part of the country in broad daylight while returning to from the clinic that he worked and ordering his rescue after tense showed he was in imminent danger of injury or possible death. peter doocy from washington. >> and he was held captive in the mountains of afghanistan 50 miles from the pakistan border more than three days, dr. joseph was kidnapped in broad daylight wednesday at 3:30 in the afternoon, afghan time following a visit to a rural clinic in eastern kabul province and worked as a medical advisor for a nonprofit for a morning star development. and two others were before the rescue and general john allen, commander of forces in
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afghanistan says he ordered when intelligence ordered dr. joseph was in imminent danger of injury or death and general alan said that it exemplifies defeating the taliban and i'm proud of the afghan and american forces that successfully conducted the operation and he'll be rejoining his family and loved ones, and dr. joseph should be back in the next few days and taken to bagram airfield after the rescue and undergoing the evaluation today. and made frequent trips to afghanistan and the doctor described his gold there, in a video posted last year. >> and we're really hoping that we can instill hope into a country that's been dealing with conflict over the last 30 years. >> at least six insurgents were reportedly killed during the operation that saved dr. joseph's liech and netted two
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arrest of taliban leaders. >> peter duessy, thank you. >> we're getting brand new details on the dallas cowboys football player charged in the the death of his own teammate. cowboy's lineman, josh brent walking out of jail not long ago after posting bond. the jung set it at a half million dollars in the court apeeshs, police say he had been trinking before the accident that killed his teammate jerry brown. the cowboys on the road against the cincinnati bengals. honored brown by placing his jersey on the team's bench and a moment of silence before kickoff. and casey stegall live in arlington, texas. we' learning that brent walked out of jail without shoes. >> yeah, harris, indeed. he was barefoot. let's go ahead and get to that brand new video that you speak of. he had no shoes on and had appeared deep gashes on his head and it's not clear when
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he will be back before a judge. meantime we are learning more about relationship between the two teammates, they were great friends on and off the field and in illinois they both played college ball from 2007 to 2009, and they were roommates here in texas. they were reportedly on their way home from a club in dallas early yesterday morning when brent lost control of his mercedes benz and flipped it. he pulled 25-year-old jerry brown from the burning car, but the cowboys linebacker died at an area hospital. here is what brent said to the press as he was walking out of jail this evening. >> do you have anything you wanted to say to jerry brown's family? >> jerry brown is my dear best friend. i'm just trying to deal with his death right now. >> brent was arrested back in 2009 for driving while intoxicated. he spent 30 days behind bars and he just got off probation
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last year, harris. >> a lot developing in the the past few hours, i understand that his attorney is now talking. >> he's been communicating to reporters and upset earlier this afternoon because he thought that the bail that the judge set was too high. some $500,000, and his lawyer told members of press that that's typically, 15, 16 times higher than it would normally be for anyone who does not play pro ball. insinuati insinuating, it was more for his client because of his celebrity status and he also made a comment that the road construction may have at least been partially to blame here. listen. >> anyone that's from here knows how much construction is going on out in that area of 114 and it's not well lit at night and difficult to see sometimes, i've done it going through there and you don't see those and it's changing,
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not as if you know it on thursday fight and you know it on friday night. it seems to change on a daily basis. >> and another bit of information that came out today. brent refused a blood test, apparently, when he was taken to the hospital. and because a death was involved, the staff was able to collect some blood from his body. but harris, those test results are not in at least they haven't been made public. >> casey stegall live from dallas, thank you very much. >> right now, murder on an american indian reservation, and deputies walking on to an awful scene, they're beginning to piece together what happened there, we'll let now and also, a jack in the bokx, the hostage situation unfolding inside at the time. how the victims are doing tonight and what it took for police to bring this to answered. and breaking knew. >> mexican american star
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>> breaking news on the fox report. officials in mexico finding wreckage of a downed mraen plane believed to have been that of a well-known mexican musician, jennie rivera. a total of seven people on board the plane and we're told that mexican officials have found no survivors, including rivera among the wreckage. the plane travelling from monteray, mexico in the northern part of the country. and to mexico city when it vanished roughly ten minutes after takeoff, it never made it to its destination. 43-year-old jennie rivera grew up in long beach, california and best known of mexican regional music. and here at fox news we knew she was battling breast cancer
4:16 pm
and speak with fox news latino about that issue a few months ago. and it's all over the web tonight, thoughts and players for rivera and crew. at this hour, a ll girl barely alive after her father was in a shootout. we've learned the suspect has died in the last little while. the rest are evaluation is southwest of porterville. police found two men and a woman murdered and they then went after the suspects and they found him by tracking his cell phone, pulling him over in a rural area, about 20 miles away from the scene of the crime. when they say he opened fire on them and he fired back. arth arthel, what's the latest? >> harris, before coming to the studio we learned he died at the regional center in
4:17 pm
fresno, he was injured in a shootout with the county sheriff's deputies and started yesterday when police got a 911 call about a shooting at an indian reservation in the san joaquin valley and the suspected shooter. according to the sheriff's office when deputies got there, they discovered two crime scenes, one where they found the deceased bodies of a male and female in a trailer and a juvenile with a gunshot wound in the same trailer, he was taken it the area hospital for treatment and the second crime scene was in a shed where they found the bodies of another decreased male, harris. >> what about the reports that the two daughters were somehow involved in this? >> yeah, it's very strange, according to the county sheriff's office, she fled the scene of the shooting on the reservation and deputies tracked the cell phone and that's when the car chase began and during the the chase, they exchanged fire.
4:18 pm
according to the sheriff's office, preliminary investigation found that he had shot his eight and five-year-old daughters both of them in the vehicles and one of the daughters is treated for life threatening injuries while the other is being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. he was also shot during that car chase. as i told you, he died about two hours ago. and accord to go local law enforcement officials, he was known to use drugs, police say they still don't have a motive for those shootings, harris. >> harris: wow and the two little girls along the way. arthel, thank you. an armed robbery at a jack in the box. first hostages and then a standoff with police in sacramento, california that lasted for hour. police say the suspect took two women hostage and managed to escape and we see it herement after about three hours, talking back and forth. police determine the remaining hostage was this danger of
4:19 pm
being shot by the suspect. forcing the officers to take action. >> a lot of news cameras rolling on this today. and several shots fired and as they wounded the suspect and ended the standoff. >> and trying for several hours for this to end peacefully and very unfortunate. >> they did rescue that second hostage who was not hurt. the suspect later died at the hospital. and christians feeling threatened in their own country. now making a new home in hours. how their dreams of religious freedom are leading them to fill up the church pews in america. and also these two dj's thought they'd have the last laugh. you may know them by now, they impersonated the queen of england seeking information about kate middleton's pregnancy and their prank phone call apparently linked to the death of the nurse who
4:20 pm
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>> fox news, a shooting inside a florida church. police say a man shot a woman believed to be his ex-girlfriend before turning the gun on himself. we're learning about it tonight. it happened in front of a church in the town of sun advise, and the victim has apparently in her car with her 12-year-old daughter and police say she managed to drive away after she was shot. an e-only this end up crashing. and she's in the hospital in critical condition. the shooter died. no word whether anybody else was hurt. new protests in egypt in reaction to of president morsi's continued referendum on an islamist based
4:24 pm
constitution. and demonstrators pouring into the street demanding that vote scheduled for this coming saturday to be canceled and calling for another massive rally tomorrow, they have he' been doing that for days now and for his part. president morsi apparently issuing an order for the military to maintain security until after the results of that referendum. remember, we wondered if the military would get involved. that order set to take effect tomorrow, also, gives soldiers the right to arrest civilians. just yesterday, we reported on fox report under intense pressure, morsi revoked most of that from late last month that put him above the law with that huge power grab. he did not give into one of the opposition's biggest demands to put off that referendum and krit six hacriti concerns and whether they will be protected against any future power plays by the muslim brotherhood. and concerns about religious freedom in at that country and one of the reasons many
4:25 pm
christian egyptians now are seeking asylum inside the u.s., and in the wake of the instability caused by what's going on there. dominic di-natale with more on that. and dominic, the the pews a filling up. absolutely. and christians once dominant religion there, but driven out, and more than 10% of the population, here in the united states the numbers are estimated to be 100,000 egyptians, since the muslim brotherhood came to power just 18 months ago and many of those are egyptian christians and harris, appears that many more are on the way. >> a v attacks alarm the united states, raising fears of the muslim brotherhood, and tolerant of christianity. >> the race of the christian
4:26 pm
minority is doesn't look like it's being addressed the way that we like to see it addressed. the die loalogs that they've entered since the revolution. that needs to continue. >> southern california is home to the largest u.s. population of egyptian christians, better known, and at least one new face appears in the pews at the three holy ones in california. >> and the church is of devotion and also enlightening and even-- >> and homeland security shows the number have doubled since the muslim brotherhood have come into power, and many are fleeing persecution. the new government a pro islamist constitution that christians or liberals cannot accept. >> and the are christians going to be protected, and
4:27 pm
rights trampled on based on the fact that they're christian and not muslim. >> adding there are 8 million christians in egypt and could be facing a calamitous situation where so many, and speak of millions being spent around the world, to countries where they can safely practice their religion. that's a real possibility. harris? >> that's a very large number, millions. dominic di-natale. president obama and john boehner meeting behind closed doors to talk about the economic fiscal cliff and the latest on the negotiations in the financial future of american families and hundreds of people feared dead. victims of a huge storm. the latest on rescue efforts. ♪ but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels
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>> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news, negotiations on capitol hill. happening in secret at some point today and we actually don't know when it was or what was said. and we do know who. president obama and republican house speaker john boehner sitting down for a private meeting. we can tell you the meeting apparently the latest effort to keep us all from going over what some analysts predict would be another recession, triggeri triggering events the fiscal
4:32 pm
cliff. is tax hikes and deep spending cuts january 1st if law makes can't come up with an alternative. no word if any progress was made. both men issuing statements about the talks, saying the lines of communication remain open. and police in london are owning up to authorities in awes as as the investigation deepens into an of radio station's hoax call made to the hospital. and made by these two. and they managed to dupe a nurse into giving out personal, private information and that nurse, by the way, may have committed suicide. so far police have not exactly linked her death to the prank and now for the time being, we're hearing from members of her family. >> and i'll really miss her a lot. she was a good sister-in-law, i can't forget her, she was so good. >> harris: family members
4:33 pm
talking to the media today for the first time. dj's are off the job and that may not stop the possibility of criminal charges and joining me, lee yeah, thanks for being with us tonight. >> hi, nice to be on. >> what are we learning about, whether metro london police will actually question the dj's? >> well, it has to be that the police have been in contact with the embassy in london and where the radio was from, will assist in their investigation ahead of the inquest into the death of the 46-year-old nurse. now, police-- a possibility that these two dj's might be questioned, but at the moment, these two are on indefinite leave and set to be in a very fragile state of mind and so, we don't think
4:34 pm
anything immediate will be happening, but definitely something to keep an eye out. >> and the video by the way that we're playing and the dj's in the studio and yucking it up and laughing and it's supposed to be a joke and it's certainly not turned out this way. we know that the outcry down under has been the advertisest pulling adds from the radio station. and what's the reaction? >> talk about back fire, in london everybody is concerned about the family and because her family is from britain and people have tributes outside her house there and people putting tributes outside of the hospital. and also, for the duchess of cambridge and worried for kate and duke had to pull out of an event to look after her because obviously the condition she has come and goes and he had to pull out an
4:35 pm
event tonight to see how she is. >> harris: before i let you go, i want to ask about that nurse. we heard from her family for the first time today. what has been some of the public reaction to the news of her death after this happened? >> i mean, i'm in complete shock, totally sad and nobody expected something like this to happen. as everyone was expecting, it was an obvious radio prank. nobody now it would have such deep cons fences. >> and want to make it clear that while others reported it was a suicide that she committed. police are not saying this, they're calling her death unexplained at this point. and leah from grn radio, appreciate your time from london. >> thank you. >> venezuela president hugo chavez has cancer again. he returned to cuba for a third surgery after announcing on television what he calls a
4:36 pm
new battle with the disease, saying for the first time if he suffers complications the vice-president should be elected to take his place. he won reelection, and 58 years old and had two cancer surgeries in cuba and has undergone chemotherapy and radiation reportedly and now, doctors say his return to havana for more cancer surgery is a matter of serious concern. >> a typhoon hits and now hundreds of people are feared dead. it's our top story and we go around the world in 80 seconds. the philippines, that storm leaving construction behind and a search for the missing. they're looking for signs of life under falling trees and rocks under the worst hit towns and hundreds of thousands of people outside of their homes in need of food, water and relief supplies. bangladesh.
4:37 pm
(siren sounding). >> protesters setting a bus on fire over the upcoming elections. people are using rubber bullets to the crowd of demonstrators, at least two people killed and more than 100 injured. india, a rescue operation to save bounded elephant that dot stuck in this mud put. they were working to help get him out of the bud and a similar situation, and heavy machinery to get a mama elephant and her calf out of an open well. germany, three tons of cake, the handiwork of 20 bakers for the 19th dez den festival. this sold and that might be good cake. >> teas a wrap on this fox
4:38 pm
trip around the world. the philippines reeling from the powerful typhoon, suffered an emotional blow last night you might say when their nation's most famous athlete, boxer manny pacquiao, pacquia pacquiao, excuse me, the pac man is what he's called pretty much the way i've ever said it. and he was defeated in the 6th round. and in the audience none other than the republican nominee for president, mitt romney. and he and his wife ring side. a smoldering mess is all that's left of a crash, and investigators trying to pinpoint what went on there. and cute, cuddly and one university is making use of man's best friend. how are they doing that? stay close. with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business!
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. >>. cassandra perkins laid to rest today. she was the girlfriend of nfl player it jovan belcher. shot and killed her last saturday shortly before he took his own life outside the stadium and attending the service, they leave behind a three month old baby girl zoe. and she'll be raised by her grandparents and they have he' set up a trust fund, asking the public to help. and several families struggling to make it out alive, this fox trip across america. indiana, fire crews say several people were forced to jump from the second floor to escape the flames. the boys' mother says she tried to jump with her son,
4:43 pm
but lost her trip on him and firefighters say there were no working smoke detectors inside that apartment building. florida, the n.t.s.b. on the ground now, investigating what caused a car crash at a park and tilling the pilot. pan the cessna went down and bursting into flames in front of witnesses. >> it looked liked they tried to-- the left prop went out and the right prop turning and kind of made it. >> no one on the ground was hurt. >> and today in florida, a day after apologizing for some hateful anti-american comments he's made in the past. south korean rapper psy rocking out in a mall in
4:44 pm
tampa, and people going crazy for the man behind gangnam style. set to perform at a concert tonight. texas they're called man's best friend for a reason. dozens of specially trained dogs on a visit to the wright university library to help eased out students cramming for finals. >> and i adore the dog and coming here, it's amazing. and the school says the program is hip and the dogs will be back again next semester. that's a fox watch across america. special ceremony held in our nation's capital to mark the second night of hanukkah, the national menorah lit near the white house, the eight day jewish holiday what took place thousands of years ago, when a small amount of oil burned for
4:45 pm
eight days instead of just one. and the jews across america lighting menorah similar to this one. a brief programming note. this year marks 40 years since man last walked on the moon. and fox news looks at the race to get there and how it is in the success. our space program dealing what seems like insurmountable odds to safely bring our heroes back home. >> and apollo, 13, everyone is there. . >> 56 hours into the flight, the crew finished a broadcast, how comfortably they lived and worked in weightlessness. >> and closing out the section of aquarius and get back to a pleasant evening. >> fine minutes later, oxygen tank number two blew up causing the number one tank to also bail. >> houston, we had a problem. words at that would be forever linked to commander jim
4:46 pm
lovely. >> when the explosion occurred, i thought to myself why me? why now? ab go on apollo 12 or wait until apollo 14 and for a little while, i couldn't believe what was happening and then awed of a sul. all of a sudden, it is me and it's now, what's next. >> harris: riveting, don't miss it. "fly me to the moon" right after huckabee. the nation marking 71 years since the japanese attacked pearl harbor, thousands of americans on that december day. and who could forget these pictures, and a mon who survived was not just on one battleship that lot hit, he was on two-. his story when we come back.
4:47 pm
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4:50 pm
>> on friday we officially mark 70 years from the attack on pearl harbor and the japanese launched an attack, more than 2000 americans sending the united states know wa world war ii and we want to focus on the man who survived that attack and he had a dying wish which our military honored. here is william la jeunesse with the story of a true american. >> for more than a year before the attack on pearl harbor, glenn was stationed on the u.s.s. arizona, on morning of december 7th, he was about to take a shower when the sounds of war boomed outside. >> tried to tell some of his friends, oh, you always tell these april fool's jokes, get out of here. and he says, this is no april
4:51 pm
fool's joke, buddy, look out the window. >> and his daughter trish anderson reisn'tly sat down with fox to talk about her father's life. >> he moves to hear that story and he remembers every detail as if it happened yesterday. >> with the japanese war planes in the sky. he forced his way on to the deck of the arizona and sent him flying into the oiled filled waters. and eventually made his way to the u.s.s. nevada which was desperately trying to escape the afax. >> he's the only guy we know of in history that was on two battleships. >> and i remember asking him why he went to nevada and the other guy slammed the island. and about four hours later he was almost through telling me the story. >> over the years, enjoyed talking to school kids and anyone else who wanted to hear
4:52 pm
his tales, last year he died at age 93. trish and other members of the lane family gathered in hawaii for survey on the memorial and made by his son tom carried by scuba divers and gun turret number four, given to all survivors of the sunken ship. he never called himself a hero and people would always go you're such a hero. he said, no, the heroes are still down in the ship. >> reporter: william la jeunesse, fox news. . >> harris: well, it is football time the pete is getting micced up and joining me in hot base moments away after turning 50 it's time for the the rolling stones to take their anniversary tour across america. ♪
4:53 pm
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♪ >> wow. i think i have to shirt! two may be a crowd in mick jagger's cloud, but fans parked the center, the band making the first stop in the u.s. on their 50th anniversary tour. and delighted fans treated to two and a half hours. that's a marathon, that's great. and the first time the band played in new york city, 1964 and taking part in the 12-12-12 concert. and rg 3. say it isn't so. robert griffin iii is hurt and
4:57 pm
pete slaychrader is here an andi called you schrads. >> they're going for the their fourth straight victory and regional rivalry and rg 3 goes down with a few giambi injuries. >> and scores the winning touchdown and they go to overtime and rg 3 as injury was gruesome and worried about him and mri. they say it's not a sus injury. 's going to be back and fine and rg 3 might be playing in the the playoffs, we'll see. >> nan:. >> harris: i wonder if he was wearing his batman socks. >> they were wondering what's going on with the giants. the typical second half. no, giants came out here and
4:58 pm
laid the whooping on the new orleans saints and that's the met hive stadium, 52 it-27. and david wilson had it coming out and the rushing touchdown. >> it's so 1973 of you. >> rolling stones. >> there you go. you know the story has been headlined for the past week or so, it's the cowboys and the bengals playing today after the death of jerry brown. >> yeah, 24 hours after this news shock this time and went up to cincinnati and the cowboys dramatic victory, 20-19. and after the game, the head coach of the cowboys says they're going to give this game ball to brown's mother, who was in touch with jerry jones. need, this kid was an incredible kid. >> harris: and you see them in the moments before the game. and i watched the replay of
4:59 pm
the heisman trophy. and he's a red skirt measured freshman, johnney manziel, he's a wonderful kid for this guy and he'll be playing in the cot tomorrow bowl. >> harris: and maybe the most points of any heisman trophy winner. and pete, good to have you, thank you. let's do fox fast forward and looking ahead to some of the big stories on monday. the main suspect in the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado is due back in court. james holmes set to make the recover after reportedly trying it kill himself last night. on tuesday, a right

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